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The rest of the rebel platoon withdraws to their positions in preparation. The man in charge relays his orders as he prepares to dispose of the dead Imperial. A nice little ravine on the way to his own over-watch position would keep her hidden away long enough while they complete the mission. She will stay tucked away at least until the local wildlife sniff out a hearty meal.

"Alright ladies and gents to your positions. We'll begin the attack once you two disable the turret control room. We don't have the firepower to take them out head on, so it's up to you. All our lives depend on your successful infiltration. Good luck!"
Will this work? by Sylar86
Will this work?
Her hot blooded rage now cooled, the Zeltron is sceptical of the plan her new allies have formulated. Especially the part where she has to act the part of an unlucky individual being brought in for Imperial questioning.

Rebel; "Don't worry, all Bucketheads sound similar through the helmet radio. Even her squadmates won't be able to tell the difference. They'll be too busy focusing their leader's exotic looking 'prisoner'. Speaking of which, we best get going before they notice her extended absence." 

Zeltron; "Very well", she sighs. "At least this way I'll get to kill more Imps..."
A good disguise
One of the rebels dons the slain trooper's armour. The fallen Imperial, stripped bare, lies exposed at the feet of her enemies.
New Aquaintances by Sylar86
New Aquaintances
A group of Rebellion scouts emerge from the nearby rocks and sand dunes.

"Nice work" says their leader. "As you know we're not too keen on Bucket-heads either. I think this could make us friends......"
On the Warpath 2
"Stop skulking around. I knew you were there as soon as I got here....." growls the angry huntress to her supposedly unseen watchers.

Was going to use this for a different picture but decided to amend it.


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